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Icon Tutors in the UK:

Aidan Hart

Ian Knowles

Irina Bradley

Hanna Leena Ward

Iconography supplies:

Icon Board Maker Dylan Hartley

Pigments Cornelissen

Pigments Kremer Pigmente GmbH

Pigments and Icon Book Publishers Kolomenskaya Versta

General Art Supplies Jackson’s Art

Gold Leaf & Gilding Supplies Wright of Lymm

Icon Board Makers (Italy) Dal Molin


Bethlehem Icon Centre – Restoring Iconography in the Holy Land.

Elias Icons – Continuing the work of the Bethlehem Icon School

BAI – British Association of Iconographers.

Orthodox Arts Journal – Articles and news for the promotion of traditional Orthodox liturgical arts.

Icon Diploma Student – A very informative blog showcasing the superb work done by my fellow student Ronnie Cruwys.

Prince’s School of Traditional Arts – Courses in traditional and sacred arts.